Sal DiMasi Could Finally Be Released from Prison

The former Massachusetts House Speaker is being recommended for compassionate release.

Sal DiMasi

Photo via AP

Former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi, imprisoned since 2011 for corruption charges and stricken with cancer, has finally been recommended for early release.

After years of advocacy from loved ones, federal prosecutors are now asking U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolf to let the ailing former politician leave prison with two years remaining in his sentence.

The politician’s family has long been calling for him to be let out of prison via the Department of Justice program for severely ill prisoners known as compassionate release. The move follows updates to the criteria to qualify for the sentence reduction.

“In this case, DiMasi’s age, length of time served, and medical condition constitute ‘extraordinary and compelling reasons’ warranting the requested reduction,” First Assistant U.S. Attorney William D,. Weinreb wrote in a court filing, according to the Herald.

DiMasi’s family has also spoked out about his treatment prior to a cancer diagnosis in 2012, saying a lump in his lymph nodes had gone unnoticed for months when he first entered the prison system.

“We are immeasurably grateful for the government’s decision to recommend Sal’s release and, in particular, for the sensitivity, compassion and leadership shown in the process by United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz,” DiMasi’s wife, Deborah DiMasi, said in a statement to the Globe.

DiMasi is 71. His conviction in 2011 was on charges related to his role in accepting payments for diverting contracts to a software company.