Turkey, Baby Cause Traffic Woes in Boston

Sunday was weird.


Photos via the Massachusetts State police (left) and Twitter/@TheRealBenGreen

As the city’s travelers by car are well aware, it’s not that uncommon to find oneself stuck in traffic in and around Boston.

It seems the city is always churning out new ways to keep us from getting where we need to go, and Sunday was no exception.

The first strange interruption came in the late afternoon yesterday, when a particularly plucky turkey set out on I-93. The fearless fowl, spotted by Twitter user Ben Green, impacted traffic in the Sullivan Square area for more than an hour, police said. Officials tell the Globe that calls came in around 3:15 p.m. about the bird and that it was removed at 4:23.

But that wasn’t all Sunday had in store.

Over on the Mass Pike, traffic came to a halt to make way for the birth of a baby boy on the side of the road.

Here’s more from the Massachusetts State Police:

This evening at approximately 7:07 p.m., a call was received from a Framingham couple, who had just pulled over on the Massachusetts Turnpike, Interstate 90 Eastbound at the Allston Brighton tolls (exit 18). The Framingham woman was in labor.

State Police Weston Barracks dispatched area troopers and Boston EMS to the scene, as the couple had just pulled into the tandem parking lot just after the toll booth. Trooper Joseph Hilton was the first to arrive with Lieutenant William Nee shortly behind. They began rendering aide to the woman as she was in active labor.

Boston EMS arrived a short time later. At approximately 7:35 p.m., before the woman could be transported, a baby boy was delivered in the ambulance.  They were then transported to Mass General Hospital.

Excellent work by all involved.

Police followed up a few hours later to say that “mom and son are doing great.”