Massachusetts Googles ‘How To Delete Tinder’ More Than Any Other State

Plus 'how to quit your job' and 'how to use Tide Pods.'

Photo via iStock

Photo via iStock

Frustration with Tinder is arguably a widespread experience, but in Massachusetts, we’re pretty desperate to delete the dating app.

Apparently, Massholes need a little guidance when it comes to “how to delete Tinder.” Our state turns to Google for this question more than any other state. We also have a few other burning questions, like:

  • How to use Tide Pods?
  • How to make donuts?
  • How to quit your job?

A new report from real estate search site Estately mapped the most frequent “how-to” Google searches in each state. It provides a unique look at the inner workings of the USA’s 50 different personalities, since the list shows the questions each state googles more than the other 49 states and the District of Columbia (rather than just showing what each state googles the most).

Analysts used Google Autocomplete to compile hundreds of the most commonly asked questions, then cross-referenced them with Google Trends to see which state racked up the most searches compared to other places over the past five years.

Massachusetts’ are admittedly a bit sad. We’re confused about how to do laundry, unsure of where our beloved Dunkin’ Donuts come from (notice we spelled doughnuts as “donuts”), we’re unhappy with our jobs, and we’re anxious to delete traces of online dating.

Our fellow New England states happen to be a little more folksy: Vermont wonders how to kayak, New Hampshire inquires about how to tip cows, and Maine ponders how to use a compass.

But hey, at least we aren’t Texas—the most curious state when it comes to how to sell your soul.

See the entire United States map below.


Image provided by Estately