Frank Oglesby Jr., the ‘Voice of the MBTA,’ Is Working for WGBH

Listen for that familiar baritone on public radio.

It looks like Frank Oglesby Jr., whose unmistakeable voice has helped guide a generation of passengers on the MBTA via the system’s automated announcements, has found another gig in Boston.

Oglesby’s second act after retiring from the MBTA earlier this year now includes lending his talents to WGBH, the Boston public broadcaster.

The 54-year-old, who told Boston he planned to pursue a career putting his incomparable pipes to use in the voice acting scene, tells he has begun working with the station, where his duties include recording clips that play in between segments, and voicing this, the apologetic notification WGBH broadcasts when someone curses.

“Whoops! The conversation just went a little off the rails,” he intones in the recording (get it!?). “Please remember: Keep Boston Public Radio’s airwaves clean. Thank you for your attention.”

On the radio, his voice will have a little more spunk in it than T commuters have come to expect. This is, after all, the man who says one of the most common bits of criticism he hears from riders is that his announcements sound like they’re coming from a “robot,” or a “Canadian disk jockey.” It seems there is more freedom to be expressive in public radio than in public transportation.

“It shows a lot more personality than the typical T stuff I’ve done,” he says.