Josh Zakim Will Protect the Back Bay with His Cold, Unforgiving Fists

He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. The District 8 councilor.

A little slow by round 12, but great workout w/ John from @backbayboxingboston last week! Check them out!

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By day, mild-mannered City Councilor Josh Zakim represents the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway, Kenmore Square, Mission Hill, Audubon Circle, and the West End. By night, he is Leon Spinks incarnate.

Zakim posted the above video to his Instagram account over the weekend after 12 rounds with a trainer from Back Bay Boxing Boston, “a good friend, who happens to be a constituent.”

“He runs a great program with a lot of people in the neighborhood. A good local business,” Zakim says of the Mass. Ave. gym. After a dozen rounds, he moves a bit slow, he admits, but it’s a deep burn.

Zakim says he’s been boxing to keep in shape for about a year now, with no intention to step inside the ring. When asked who’s the most fearsome pugilist on the City Council, he gives a nod to the former president from Southie.

“There’s some tough guys over here—and ladies,” he says. “Maybe Councilor Linehan.”