Harvard Men’s Cross Country Team Kept Pervy Spreadsheets on Women’s Team

The discovery comes less than a week after school officials canceled the

Photo via iStock/marvinh

Photo via iStock/marvinh

Less than a week after the Harvard men’s soccer team was discovered to have compiled a publicly accessible “scouting report” of female recruits based on their physical appearance, the men’s cross country team was found to have kept sexually explicit spreadsheets.

Team correspondence obtained by the Harvard Crimson shows members compiled these documents ahead of a dance with the women’s team, detailing their physical appearance. In a group message in the mobile app Group Me, former members remarked that the 2012 edition of the spreadsheet was “the absolute worst I saw,” while the 2014 update “talked about a specific person getting black dick a lot.”

Though current captain Brandon E. Price has urged the team to come clean with any other information, recent graduates have already begun editing the viewing permissions on the spreadsheets, the Crimson reports.

“We don’t want the school to find this, without us first bringing it to them,” Price wrote in a team email Saturday. “The problem with the Men’s Soccer team was they tried to hide their stuff.”

Harvard canceled the remainder of the men’s soccer team’s season, after school administrators discovered that the 2012 team’s practice of keeping sexually explicit “scouting reports,” including perceived sexual prowess and an assigned sex position, continued as recently as this year.