Photos from Boston’s Anti-Trump Protest on the Common

Similar rallies were held in cities across the country.

Thousands of Bostonians gathered in the Common Wednesday night to denounce President-Elect Donald Trump, following his improbable upset over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The anti-Trump protest, organized by Boston Socialist Students, Boston Socialist Alternative, and the Boston Movement of the 99 Percent, centered at the Parkman Bandstand, before marching toward Copley Square and returning to the Common. Protesters—an assortment of students, families, Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ activists, and immigration advocates—chanted, “My body, my choice” and “Fuck Donald Trump.”

The demonstration in Boston coincided with similar anti-Trump protests in major U.S. cities Wednesday. In New York City, droves of people flooded the streets and amassed at Trump Tower, chanting, “We reject the President-Elect.”

In Chicago, nearly 2,000 protesters blocked traffic and screamed, “Not my president” outside Trump’s eponymous tower there. In downtown Los Angeles, protesters burnt Trump in effigy.

Clinton handily won Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, and California in Tuesday’s contest.