A Third of Massachusetts Voters Picked Trump. Here’s Where.

A million people pulled the lever for the Republican.

Donald Trump didn’t win in Massachusetts, and despite the fact that so much of what we assumed about the national election turned out to be wrong, Massachusetts stayed blue as hell.

But still, a third of voters—more than a million—cast their ballots for the Republican.

Want to know where Massachusetts went red? Check out this handy interactive map assembled by WBUR, which shows a band of towns that voted Republican in the central and southwestern part of the state, as well as a chunk of communities in the state’s southeast.

Many Republicans may have been holding their nose at the ballot box, but lest you get the impression that’s all that was happening: many also supported the guy from the beginning. About half of voters in the party picked Trump in the primary.

Needless to say, Trump’s supporters in the state have had their share of run-ins with people who disagree with them. Sometimes during the campaign, things got ugly. Take this anecdote for instance from WBUR’s story about the few but proud on the Trump train in the Commonwealth:

In East Bridgewater, for example, 52 percent of voters supported Trump, 40 percent supported Clinton. Some say divisions in the town ran so deep that fights broke out — even at a typically peaceful place like a golf course.

Seventy-one-year-old William Bates, a regular at the Ridder Farm Golf Course in East Bridgewater, says the rancor of this presidential campaign spilled out on the green.

“Clubs being thrown,” he said. “I find balls for the golf course, and mother of God, some of the things people were doing.”

Statewide, about 11 percent (468,295) of Massachusetts residents belong to the GOP, as of February of this year. Thirty-five percent are registered Democrats, 53 percent are un-enrolled).

Another interesting factoid to chew over, Massachusetts appears to be the only state in the country that didn’t have a single county go for Trump.