Enviro Group to Reissue 1972 ‘Don’t Blame Me, I’m from Mass.’ Bumper Stickers

The Bay State wasn't crazy about Nixon, either.

Via Environmental League of Massachusetts

Via Environmental League of Massachusetts

As President-elect Donald Trump appoints a white nationalist to his White House staff while mulling the addition of any number of lobbyists to his very own boutique swamp, Democrats in Massachusetts can take brief solace in the fact that the Bay State went solidly blue.

Massachusetts was one of the 20 states that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton carried in last week’s election, and one of just two states in which not a single county went red for Trump. (The other was Hawaii, according to the Globe’s James Pindell.)

With that in mind, the Environmental League of Massachusetts will reissue its “Don’t blame me, I’m from Massachusetts” bumper stickers, first printed after the 1972 presidential election, when Massachusetts was the only state that Democratic candidate George McGovern carried in a landslide defeat against Richard Nixon.

“Thought this might be a fun footnote to an unfun election,” ELM president George Bachrach told the State House News Service. “With Washington moving in the wrong direction, we’re committed to making Mass. a national role model.”

In 2012, Trump said that climate change was merely a hoax devised by the Chinese to make the United States less competitive in trade. In addition to his pledge to dismantle the Paris Agreement—signed by more than 200 countries last December—within his first 100 days in office, Trump has vowed to repeal every regulation the Obama administration has placed on the coal industry, including smog and mercury standards.

The ELM will release the throwback bumper stickers at its fall reception Thursday.