Ernie Boch Jr. Wants Role in Donald Trump’s Administration

If called, the auto magnate just might come on down.

ernie boch

Image via Fox Business

Auto magnate Ernie Boch Jr. says he hasn’t received any indication he’ll be rewarded for his emphatic support of Republican president-elect Donald Trump on the campaign trail. But if he gets the call, he might just come on down.

“I have not been contacted by Mr. Trump,” Boch told the Herald Thursday. “But if he did offer me something in his administration, I would absolutely consider it.”

Boch hosted more than 1,000 people at his sprawling Norwood estate last year in support of Trump.Despite both men denying the event was a fundraiser, signs around the estate asked for all checks to be made payable to Trump’s campaign.

In February interview on CNN, he compared voting for Trump to picking up drunk girls at a bar around closing time. “It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and there’s a few girls at the bar. You have to go home with one of ’em. So you have to pick who you’re with, and I think Mr. Trump is the best qualified,” Boch told an incredulous Chris Cuomo.

“If you’re single, you understand this. It’s the end of the night, you want to go home with somebody. The bar is about to close. You have to pick somebody. You have to pick somebody. You have to stand behind somebody. If you line up all of the candidates with their positives and negatives, I think Mr. Trump is the man.”

In an interview the following month, Boch said voters ought to give Trump a shot, considering “it’s only four years!

“I think no matter who won, half the country would be disappointed,” Boch told the Herald this week. “But if the results went the other way, I don’t think Mr. Trump’s supporters would be bashing Hillary like this.”

Boch said Americans shouldn’t take Trump—who this week called for the mass deportation of up to 3 million people, appointed the head of a white nationalist website his senior adviser, and tapped Sen. Jeff Sessions, who allegedly called the NAACP “un-American,” for Attorney General—seriously, nor should they be afraid of him.

“I think people need to take him seriously, but shouldn’t take him literally,” Boch said. “He probably said 3,000 crazy things, any one of which would have killed any other candidate. But he was bulletproof because enough people didn’t take him literally. I’m not afraid of President Trump and I don’t think people should be.”