New Hampshire Is New England’s Most Charitable State

Do better, Bay State.

Deep down, under New Hampshire’s gruff exterior of legal fireworks, tax-free liquor, and no motorcycle helmet laws, there’s a heart of gold.

The Granite State is the most charitable in New England, good for seventh nationwide, according to a new report by personal finance social network Wallet Hub. Massachusetts, on the other hand, was the tenth least charitable state in the country, while Rhode Island ranked ninth.

To compile this year’s list, WalletHub compared all 50 states using 13 metrics across two dimensions: volunteering and service (volunteer rate, number of volunteer hours per capita, community service requirement for graduation) and charitable giving (percentage of income donated, number of those who claim to have donated time and money).

New Hampshire had the third-highest percentage of population who donated time, and tied with Illinois for the second-most percentage of people who donated money. Vermont had the highest number of charities per capita. States that voted Democrat in the 2016 presidential election ranked higher, on average, than states that voted Republican.

You can check out WalletHub’s full ranking here.