Without Proof, Scott Brown Suggests Mass. Voters Committed Fraud in New Hampshire

This isn't the first time he's cried voter fraud.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

Scott Brown suggested Wednesday that Massachusetts voters could have driven north to the swing state of New Hampshire to commit voter fraud in this month’s presidential election, a claim the former Massachusetts senator made without providing any proof.

Joining Herald Radio for his monthly on-air spongebath, the Trump surrogate expounded on the president-elect’s allegation of “serious voter fraud” in the Granite State, which Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton won.

“The people need to understand, people from Massachusetts could’ve gone up and voted that day. And quite frankly, some do. It’s well-known. It’s no secret,” Brown said.

Brown, who lost a 2014 Senate race in New Hampshire to Democrat Jean Shaheen, said Massachusetts voters drive to polling locations north of the border, ask to vote, claim they’re “domicile,” and when they can’t provide an ID, fill out an affidavit giving them the green light.

“To think 100,000 people all of a sudden in this election, and 40,000 people in my election, all of a sudden say, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s an election today!’ It’s laughable,” Brown said.

Election officials in the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s Office, New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, and U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Hampshire have all reported receiving no complaints of voter fraud in the November 8 contest.

In a 2014 interview with Howie Carr, Brown joked that voters from Vermont and Connecticut should drive to New Hampshire, fill out same-day registration, and vote for him. Two years earlier, Brown alleged that the Massachusetts welfare department’s mass mailing of voter registration forms to 478,000 people on public assistance was a fraudulent ploy to boost Elizabeth Warren’s campaign.