Sad! City Hall Plaza’s Winter Makeover Delayed Due to Warmth

Winter has decided not to cooperate.

boston winter closed

Photo by Madeline Bilis

The opening of “Winter Boston,” the temporary makeover of City Hall Plaza that includes a winding skating rink and chalets aplenty, has been delayed, the city announced Friday.

The wintry wonderland—the debut of a partnership to overhaul the space between the city and Boston Garden Development—was supposed to hold its grand opening Friday afternoon. But alas, all this warmer-than-usual weather was too much for the ice to handle.

In a tweet about the disappointing news, Mayor Marty Walsh mused about whether global warming might be at fault, and channeled another Twitter-using politician in the process.

Assuming the 11,000 square foot skating path sees cool enough temperatures by then, the opening has been rescheduled to Wednesday, December 7, at 4:30 p.m.

From then and through February, attractions at the soon-to-open destination include the rink, and other attractions like a “wine exhibit” called Vinopolis and “The Chocolate Story,” which according to the city is a “delicious journey into chocolate as told by Santa’s elves.”

Until the end of December, it will also host more than 40 booths where you can shop for gifts and food. Everything has been set up on the plaza and is ready to go. It’s just that Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. Here is a rendering of how it’s supposed to look when the season kicks in:

boston winter 1

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