BU’s Robert Brown Named State’s Highest-Paid College President Again

Bob's making bank.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

For the second year in a row, Boston University president Robert Brown has been named the highest paid leader of any private college in Massachusetts, according to the latest survey from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Brown received a 3-percent raise from his previous year’s pack-leading pay, up to $1,218,869 in salary and benefits, according to 2014 data from federal tax filings, the latest available. BU raised tuition 3.7 percent for the 2013-14 academic year to $43,970. (It’s currently $49,176.)

“Our challenge is to continue to improve quality while controlling costs,” Brown wrote in a letter to students and parents at the time. “We are mindful of the sacrifices parents and students make and especially aware—in economically uncertain times—of the importance of providing an education and campus experience that translates into long-term success in life and work.”

BU spokesperson Colin Riley told the Globe that Brown’s “total compensation is based on a robust competitive analysis of pay for leaders at peer institutions, and his meeting and exceeding performance benchmarks.” Brown is no longer Massachusetts’ only millionaire university head, finding newfound company in Northeastern University president Joseph Aoun, who pulled down $1,090,414 in total compensation.

Of the 377 colleges surveyed, the average total compensation package was $531,817 in 2014, up from $489,626 the year prior. You can check out the Chronicle of Higher Education’s full list here.