Green, Red, Orange, Silver Lines Delayed as Temperature Plunges

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Photo via Governor's Office

Photo via Governor’s Office

The MBTA’s Green, Red, Orange, and Silver Lines experienced light to moderate delays Friday, making a mess of the morning commute as temperatures plunge into the single digits.

A power problem hampered the Green Line’s B branch, resulting in shuttle buses replacing service in both directions between Boston College and Kenmore. Regular service resumed around 8 a.m., with residual delays. The Silver Line’s SL4 and SL5 were also delayed due to the Green Line shuttle.

A disabled train approaching the JFK/UMass station caused moderate delays traveling inbound on the Red Line. Regular service resumed around 9 a.m. Meanwhile, the Mattapan Trolley also experienced moderate delays due to a disabled train.

The Orange Line was delayed due to a “track problem” around 5:30 a.m., an “object impeding service in the right of way,” according to the MBTA’s Twitter account.


The MBTA has not indicated whether any of Friday morning’s delays were caused by the extreme cold.