John Kerry Will Return to Boston After Trump’s Inauguration

The Secretary of State plans to work in the private sector.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

John Kerry will soon return to his Beacon Hill brownstone.

The Secretary of State told the Globe he intends to return to Boston after President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration next month. He said he plans to work in the private sector, but declined to give any further details.

“I’m going to continue to work for peace and conflict resolution in a constructive forum that I’m trying to think about and shape right now,” Kerry said.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Yale, Kerry earned his law degree from Boston College, working for a brief time as an assistant district attorney of Middlesex County. He served as lieutenant governor under Michael Dukakis before winning a seat in the Senate, representing Massachusetts for a total of five terms. Kerry was the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee in 2004, but failed to sink President George W. Bush’s re-election bid.

In the winter of 2015, the snowiest in Boston’s history, the city fined Kerry $50 for failing to clear the sidewalk in front of his home in Beacon Hill’s Louisberg Square, after someone used the city’s 311 mobile app to drop a dime on the former senator.