Boston’s Chris Sweeney Talked Liberal Professors with Tucker Carlson

Left-leaning thinkers dominate New England colleges. Sweeney weighed in on why that's bad for everyone.

Boston’s Chris Sweeney appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson Wednesday night to talk about why the dominance of liberal professors on New England college campuses (they outnumber conservatives England 28-1!) is bad for everyone.

“It really undermines the whole purpose of a college education,” Sweeney said in the interview. “You’re supposed to be exposed to conflicting viewpoints to learn how the wold works, and as one of my sources said, ‘The real world is not full of progressives.’ So when students are coming out of college and they’re going into the workplace or whatever the next step is, you have to wonder whether they’re actually prepared to step out of that bubble into the real world.”

Carlson, a graduate of Hartford’s Trinity College, has first-hand experience with New England professors. And he says the ratio of liberal educators to conservative ones in the region sounds like it makes college a lot more homogenous, and a lot less “fun.”

“It doesn’t sound very fun anyway,” Carlson said. “I know I wouldn’t want to be around all people who agreed with me on everything. I mean that really would be kind of like looking in the mirror all day, and what’s the fun in that?”

Given the political proclivities of Bostonians—and not just those in our storied classrooms—Carlson asked Sweeney whether his story elicited a wave of angry reactions. “Did anyone egg your car?”

Nope, said Sweeney.

“It’s a lot of old-school liberals saying this is a major problem. I have gotten a few nasty emails, but I was shocked at the number of people who have emailed us or written us, saying, ‘I am a bleeding-heart liberal, I’m 70 years old, and I am shocked to hear this.”

He wrote about the issue for our January edition. Read the story here.

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