Two Boston Dogs Headed to the Puppy Bowl

They're from Last Hope K9 Rescue, a local nonprofit.

Mr. Whimpers.

Mr. Whimpers. Photo via Animal Planet.

When the Puppy Bowl—that adorable spectacle that airs on Animal Planet the day of the Super Bowl—hits TV screens around the country, look for two local dogs in the mix.

Daisy Moses, a chihuahua mix, and terrier Mr. Whimpers, of Boston’s Last Hope K9 Rescue program, will be among 78 puppies featured on the show.

The doggos will be split up into two teams: Team Ruff and Team Fluff, and the winner will be awarded the Petco “Lombarky” trophy, per a release from the TV channel. And “after the pup-tastic game of ear pulls and tail tugs is over, they all end up as winners when the puppies find their forever homes.”

A three-hour program will play over and over on February 5, all day, for a total of 10 hours, according to the release. This year, you can even watch it in virtual reality.

Last Hope is a nonprofit based in Boston that, according to its website, has helped find homes for more than 4,600 dogs since its founding in 2012 (including Moose, the pup whose journey to Massachusetts from the Virgin Islands last year is the stuff of legend). It’s one of 34 rescue organizations taking part in the show, for which viewers are asked to consider adopting the dogs on screen, and the ones in shelters and foster care close to home.

“Besides being so much fun Puppy Bowl brings awareness to fact that you can find some pretty amazing dogs in shelters and rescues, even puppies!” says Manda Carco, a Last Hope spokeswoman and assistant director, in an email. “More adoptions means more lives saved!”

Daisy Moses.

Daisy Moses. Photo via Animal Planet