Charlie Baker Writes Letter to Congress Defending Parts of Obamacare

The Guv warned against a wholesale repeal of the ACA.

Photo via Governor's Office

Photo via Governor’s Office

In a letter to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week, Gov. Charlie Baker urged Congress to keep key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, as Republicans move at a feverish clip to shred President Obama’s signature healthcare legislation.

Baker admitted that the initial rollout of the ACA in Massachusetts was “deeply flawed,” but warned against a wholesale repeal of Obamacare.

“As Congress considers options related to health reform, we believe that a measured and objective analysis of the opportunities and challenges for states in the current federal landscape is essential,” Baker wrote. “During this period of deliberations, it is important that coverage gains, patient protections and market stability are maintained.”

Baker called certain parts of the law—banning insurance denials for pre-existing conditions, coverage expansion, and gains in gender equity—”important provisions” worth keeping.

“Massachusetts seeks flexibility to achieve the goals inherent in the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid programs while meeting the needs of its state,” Baker wrote.

You can read Baker’s full letter to Congress here.