Even Charlie Baker Couldn’t Believe How Hard the Celtics Got Dunked on

Game respects game.

Charlie Baker is a big basketball guy. An all-conference player for Needham High and a standout power-forward for Harvard’s 1977-78 squad, Baker still enjoys the occasional half-court game or shoot-around with Attorney General Maura Healey.

The Guv had courtside seats for Monday’s Celtics game against the Charlotte Hornets. Though the C’s emerged victorious, 108-98, Hornets forward Marvin Williams had the highlight of the night, a dastardly one-handed slam in the first quarter.

Baker’s reaction just might’ve been better than the dunk itself, honestly.

charlie baker

If Baker could bring General Electric to Boston, maybe he could do the Celtics a solid and bring some better defense down low. There’s still time to avenge the Bay State League championship game.