Someone Set a Boston Police Cruiser on Fire: Reports

A fire near a police station was reported Friday morning.

The roof of a police patrol car at night, with the blue and red lights flashing.

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Boston police believe that whoever set a Boston Police cruiser on fire this morning in South Boston did so on purpose with an explosive device, and they appear to be taking the investigation very seriously.

It looks like the fire began after a propane tank combusted next to a police car parked at the police station on West Broadway, according to Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, who briefed media at mid-morning. He says the tank’s ignition was a “deliberate act with the intent of blowing up one of the cruisers,” adding that the incident is “troubling.”

No one was injured. Traffic has been restricted in the area while the investigation continues.

Also according to Evans, a police officer noticed the blaze sometime after 8 a.m., and managed to drive a cruiser away from the source of the flames quickly enough to limit the damage inflicted by it.

Now police are working to determine who is responsible. There have not been any arrests yet. Evans says the Joint Terrorism Task Force has gotten involved. Surveillance footage from the area may be made available later today.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, back today from Washington, was also on hand at this morning’s news conference. “We don’t want to see anything like this happen on any day, but particularly even more so with the new president coming in,” he said. “Hopefully, nothing is connected.’’