Mistaken for Nazi Puncher, Boston Punk Rocker Gets Targeted by 4chan Sleuths

Mark Lind hasn't punched anybody since 1995.

This story begins at last week’s Inauguration.

Richard Spencer, the white nationalist whom Mother Jones once thought prudent to call “dapper,” was giving an interview on the street in Washington, D.C. As he explained his Pepe the Frog lapel pin, a white man dressed in a black hoodie delivered a right-hook to the side of Spencer’s Nazi-loving noggin, knocking his coiffure all askew.

The Punch Heard ‘Round the Internet instantly spawned countless remixes, like this one, set to Kanye West’s “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1.”

At the other end of the Acela Corridor, meanwhile, Boston punk rocker Mark Lind (the Ducky Boys, Sinners and Saints, the Unloved), who had never even heard of Spencer before, came home from work to discover that a cadre of internet sleuths from the site 4chan had declared him the alt-right leader’s assailant, and doxxed him—that is, posted links to all his social media accounts, as well as his email and home addresses.

“The person that hit him was white, had glasses, a black hoodie and what appeared to be a beard. That description really applies to millions of people, but somehow they decided it was me,” Lind told CLRVYNT, who first reported the ordeal. He added that he hasn’t punched anybody since 1995.

Spencer and his followers are still looking for the man who punched him, and a $2,500 bounty is up for grabs.