The Orange Line Mockup Has Arrived in Boston

A model of the new trains headed to the MBTA is being inspected as we speak.

orange line mockup 1

Photo via MBTA

Update Monday, March 27, 2:00 p.m.: Soon, you can see it for yourself! The Orange Line mockup will be available for the public to peruse at City Hall Plaza for three days beginning Monday, April 3, the MBTA has announced.

Earlier: The Orange Line mockup has officially arrived in Boston.

The two-thirds model of the design for the new MBTA trains arrived by cargo ship from China on Sunday and is now at an Orange Line maintenance yard, according to T spokesman Joe Pesaturo.

The agency is still working out plans to let members of the public take a look for themselves, Pesaturo says. But for now MBTA officials and engineers will be inspecting the model and noting any changes needed before the real ones start making their way to Boston in 2019. The model has two sets of doors, while the finished train cars will have three.

“Over the course of the coming weeks, there will be a constant dialogue” with CRRC, the Chinese state-run train manufacturer that has set up shop in Springfield, about any tweaks to the design that are needed, Pesaturo says.

The Chinese Railroad Rolling Stock Corp. has a contract to produce as many as 418 Orange Line and Red Line cars for the T, for as much as $843 million. They will be rolled out in batches through either 2022 or 2023.

The T shared photos of the mockup in November.