Seth Moulton Challenges John Lewis to Super Bowl ‘Service Day’ Bet

'I look forward to seeing you in Massachusetts.'

Sports bets are nothing new for electeds around these parts. Some, like the cursed Mayor Marty Walsh, know enough to button up, lest they place a hex. Others, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, wager hackneyed hometown comestibles, like a case of Sam Adams.

Rep. Seth Moulton issued a challenge to his congressional colleague Rep. John Lewis, who represents Georgia’s fifth district, on Twitter just days before the Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are set to face-off in Super Bowl LI in Houston.

“Congressman Lewis, I challenge you to a day of service in my district, if the Pats do their job and send the Atlanta Falcons home,” said Moulton, whose district includes the North Shore and parts of the Merrimack Valley. “I look forward to seeing you in Massachusetts.”

President Donald Trump’s public attacks on Lewis has caused the mere name of his district, which Trump erroneously said was “in horrible shape and falling apart (not to mention crime infested),” to become a rallying cry for Falcons fans, especially as new details on the exceedingly cozy relationship between the Patriots and the POTUS come to light.

“The city is on a high,” Lewis told Sports Illustrated this week. “We’re celebrating who we are.”

Lewis has yet to reply to Moulton’s challenge.