Boston’s Luxury Services—Worth the Splurge?

These everyday indulgences are guaranteed to make life a little easier—that is, if you can afford them.

ezia athletic club

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Luxury Gym Membership
$120,000 (plus yearly fee)

Sure, you can buy a three-figure monthly membership at Equinox, but the sky is truly the limit. At Ezia Athletic Club, slated to open in Nantucket in mid-2017, members are asked to pay a $120,000 initiation fee, plus $5,000 per year, for access to its equipment, spa, and dining facilities.

Helipad Access
Cost TBD

Assuming Boston makes good on its promise to GE, the city’s first public helipad in a long time is on its way. So what will it cost you to hover above the masses? It’s not clear yet. In Manhattan, it’s a few hundred dollars per landing—if you have a helicopter of your own.

On-Demand Private Jet Service
$12,000 per year (plus initiation fee)

Say you need to get a little farther than a helicopter will take you. The good news is you don’t even need to own a jet anymore to fly private. One option is JetSmarter, which lets users book on-demand seats on private planes. It added Boston to the list of cities where it operates last fall.

Concierge Healthcare
$6,000 per year

In an effort to let well-off patients avoid the hassle of the waiting room, last fall Mass General made a big move into the burgeoning concierge medicine industry, giving clients 24/7 access to their physicians, as well as customized nutrition, wellness, and exercise counseling.