Chris Murphy | What My Boston Looks Like

The consulting actuary—a Brockton native who now splits his time between the Theater District and Abington—shares what his life is like on a $350,000 income. As told to Chris Sweeney

chris murphy

Photograph by Webb Chappell

Age: 56
Job: Consulting Actuary
Income: $350,000
Relationship Status: Single, no kids
Lives in: Theater District and Abington

“I’m from Brockton originally, but about seven and a half years ago I started full-time consulting and had assignments in Boston. I didn’t want to commute, and I wanted to take advantage of all the things in the city. So now I live in Boston during the week, renting a furnished apartment on Tremont Street, and on the weekend I have a house in Abington. I try to find something to do every night. I go to a lot of concerts, I go to the theater, and I go to a lot of Red Sox games—I went to about 40 [last] year. I eat out every night; I guess my favorite restaurant in the city is Trattoria Newbury. Each year I probably take three big trips, and I’ll go down to Washington, DC, for a Georgetown basketball game or go to spring training. I also do a lot of volunteer work. I’m the board chair for School on Wheels of Massachusetts, I’m on the advisory board of Elders Living at Home, and I do work with Community Consulting Teams. It’d be nice if the Green Line didn’t stop on every block, but my nieces, nephews, and friends are here, so Boston is home.”