Temi Ogunbodede | What My Boston Looks Like

The research finance specialist from Hyde Park shares how she makes it work with a $50,000 income. As told to Chris Sweeney

temi ogunbodede

Photograph by Webb Chappell

Age: 31
Job: Research Finance Specialist
Income: $50,000
Relationship Status: Single, no kids
Lives in: Hyde Park

“I live at home with my parents. I mostly save my money and invest it, and in terms of spending, I pretty much just get what I need. I pay rent to my parents, I still have student loans that I’m paying off, and I take public transportation to work in Somerville—the train and the bus. It’s about an hour commute. For dinner we cook at home; the only time I’ll eat out for dinner is on a friend’s birthday or at a gathering. On weekends I will go see a movie or a play. I like going to networking events, and I’ll go to church on a Friday night if we have a service. I have a goal to move out of my parents’ house, hopefully within the next year. I want to live more central in the city, and I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more. I always try to keep in mind that just because you have the money to buy something doesn’t mean you should. I might have enough in the bank to buy a Gucci bag, but that doesn’t mean I can realistically afford it.”