White Nationalist Richard Spencer Revels in Patriots’ Super Bowl Victory

America's favorite punching bag is a Pats fan.

Count one of the leaders of the alt-right among those celebrating the Patriots’ historic comeback win in Super Bowl LI.

While President Donald Trump gave up on the Patriots when they were down 28-3 in the third quarter, white nationalist and Nazi wannabe Richard Spencer was following along with rapt attention, and seemingly unaware that one of the white wide-receivers he so enjoys watching is quite proud of his Jewish heritage.

The string of pro-Pats tweets was a garden-variety neo-Nazi troll job from Spencer, who called Brady an “Aryan Avatar,” and a Patriots win, a “victory for the #AltRight.”

When Spencer tweeted a GIF of Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen sharing a postgame kiss with the caption, “For the White race, it’s never over,” one follower noted that Bundchen is a Brazilian immigrant. (In fact, all of Bundchen’s social media posts leading up to the big game emphasized immigration and diversity.)

Spencer garnered mainstream attention when footage surfaced of him giving the Nazi salute, lapsing into German, and shouting, “Heil Trump!” at a conference in Washington, D.C. just weeks after the presidential election. Though he was born in Boston, the 38-year-old was raised in Dallas.

Spencer even updated Pepe the Frog, the alt-right internet meme he was explaining in real life when somebody clocked him upside his meticulously coiffed noggin last month. Footage of the incident instantly became viral, much to Spencer’s despair. Internet sleuths from the site 4chan mistakenly doxxed Mark Lind from the Boston punk band Ducky Boys, believing he was the man who decked Spencer. (He was not, and has not punched anyone since 1995.)

And speaking of white supremacists, former KKK member, Holocaust denier, and longtime Trump supporter David David was pretty jazzed about the Patriots win, too.