Roger That—Tom Brady and His Fifth Ring Star in a New Shields MRI Commercial

Brady takes a swipe at Goodell in the updated ad.

tom brady ring 1

Screenshot via Shields MRI

The folks at Shields MRI, like the rest of us, are taking a victory lap today.

They just aired an updated version of their commercial starring Tom Brady, which features the star whipping out his shiny new Super Bowl ring and taking one more chance to rub last night’s victory in Roger Goodell’s face.

It goes like this: There Tom is again sitting in the waiting room. When a nurse asks him to take off any jewelry and stuff it in a locker, the grinning star pulls off four glimmering rings one at a time.

NURSE: Is that all?

BRADY: Actually, no. I forgot this one. It’s kind of new.

NURSE: We’re gonna need to get you a bigger locker.

BRADY: Roger that.

It’s a follow-up to a commercial from Shields that aired in October. “Is that all?” the nurse asks in that one. “For now,” he says.

Already, the video has more than a quarter-million views.

“Brady for the win!” Shields writes in a post on its website, which also promotes the hashtag #Rogerthat. “Five rings for Tom Brady and he’s ready for that bigger locker at Shields MRI.”

Here it is:

Tom Brady for Shields MRI. 5 Rings #Rogerthat from Shields Health Care on Vimeo.