Ed Markey Congratulates ‘Boston Patriots’ on Super Bowl Victory

The senator's partying like it's 1970.

Sen. Ed Markey took a break from the battle over Trump’s Cabinet appointments to congratulate the New England Patriots on their improbable comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI, and to ingratiate himself to even more friends of the president.

“American history was made last night,” Markey said on the Senate floor. “The Boston Patriots won the Super Bowl, and this triumvirate of Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady continue this historic journey to being recognized as the greatest single football team in the history of the United States.”

Of course, the Patriots have not gone by the “Boston Patriots” since the team first moved to Foxboro in 1971, one year after the merger between the National Football League and the American Football League.

“Even as the Falcons were ahead by 25 points, even as the rest of the country thought that the game was over, we in Massachusetts, we in New England, we have our own model. In Belichick, we trust. In Brady, we trust. We knew that it was not over. We knew that there was still hope. We knew there was a plan that could be implemented that would ensure that the Patriots would once again would prevail.”

Markey did correct himself later in his remarks, recalling the days when he was a season ticket holder, when you could buy seven games at Fenway Park for $6 apiece.

“Their motto is a very simple motto. It says: Do your job,” Markey said, groping around for a metaphor. “And that’s what every Patriot did last night, and because they stuck it out through every single play, at the end of the day, they were able to enjoy that historic victory.”