Someone Wrote ‘F—k Goodell’ in the Snow at Copley Square

When Goodell goes low... We also go low.

As Boston prepared to let the confetti fly and welcome the duck boat-riding champions to the heart of the city, a vulgar tribute to Roger Goodell appeared in Copley Square.

‘Fuck Goodell,’ the message read. It was accompanied by a drawing of the, um, human anatomy.

Juvenile? Yes. But hey. Revenge, as they say, is a dish best served cold.

This wasn’t the only insult lobbed in Goodell’s direction over the past couple days.

As the commissioner spoke in the immediate aftermath of the Patriots’ Super Bowl win, you could barely hear him over the chorus of boos.

Last night, while the team was getting off their flight at Logan Airport, Pats Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia was spotted wearing one of those shirts that depicts Goodell as a clown.

And in an update to his well-known Shields MRI commercial, which aired after Sunday’s victory, Tom Brady seizes the moment to rub his brand new ring in the commissioner’s face (“Roger that,” he says).