Boston Will Get Some Warmth, Then a Big Ol’ Nor’easter

Brace yourselves.

snow 2-9

Map via National Weather Service.

After snow and sleet delivered some all-natural confetti to the Patriots’ victory parade Tuesday, and black ice brought mayhem to the morning commute today, there is plenty more intense weather, including that Nor’easter, on the way for Boston.

The city will see temperatures climb into the balmy upper 40s this afternoon then quickly take a turn for the snowy, says Bill Simpson, meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

The NWS is forecasting that temperatures will continue to climb out of the subzero range Wednesday, peaking in the early- to mid-afternoon. Temperatures on the Cape and South Shore could crest 50 degrees, Simpson says. At that time, the Nor’easter is slated to start picking up steam off the coast of Nantucket, then barrel toward the mainland.

Then just after midnight, it’s due to arrive, and then pick up at exactly the wrong time. Light snow is forecast to turn to heavy right around the morning commute, then continue throughout the day and until the drive home.

“We’re looking at pretty much a steady snow,” Simpson says. “There could be some areas of 2-inches plus an hour at times.”

Anywhere from 6-12 inches could fall in the city, according to the NWS.

“Tomorrow is going to be a pretty messy day,” he says.