School Is Cancelled in Boston on Thursday, Snow Emergency Takes Effect at 10 a.m.

The Nor'easter is on its way.

Little boy in funny fake fur hat sliding on his sled and yelling. Sunny winter day evening.

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Sledders, rejoice.

With a Nor’easter is on its way, school has been cancelled in Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge for Thursday.

Somebody, please alert Tory Bullock.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has also declared a snow emergency, set to begin at 10 a.m. And remember, space savers are technically off limits until the storm is over. In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, he says the DPW will be patrolling the city tomorrow morning and throwing away any space savers they find.

With strong winds and frigid temperatures on the way, Walsh urged Bostonians to stay indoors if possible, help elderly or disabled neighbors, and look out for any homeless in the city exposed to the weather. All city shelters will be open all night and day, and city services can be reached via 311. If anyone appears to be in danger, call 911.

The city is posting updates on what to expect tomorrow here.

A snow emergency begins in Somerville at midnight and in Cambridge at 7 a.m.

The news comes after black ice made for a chaotic morning commute, which saw scores of accidents along slippery roads and highways, including a 55-car pileup on route 128.

Forecasters have also warned that tomorrow’s storm will come at a treacherous time, blanketing the city with heavy snow for the drives both to and from work.