Harvard Book Store Commemorates the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’

They suggested some further reading on fascism and misinformation.


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Visitors to the Harvard Book Store are being greeted by a solemn tribute to the lives lost in the “Bowling Green Massacre.”

Along with a sign “commemorating the victims of” the nonexistent tragedy, the store offers shoppers some recommended reading that includes titles on fascism, anti-intellectualism, dystopia, and “assholes.”

The display is a jab at Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway, who repeatedly cited an attack in the Kentucky city as justification for Trump’s controversial immigration ban. Except, there was no such attack in Bowling Green, and Conway has been thoroughly roasted this week for the gaffe. She now says she meant to refer to two Iraqi refugees in Kentucky who were imprisoned for trying to send money and weapons to al-Qaeda in 2011. 

A lot of creativity has gone into mocking the Trump team over the slip-up, which critics have seen as more evidence that the White House is being reckless, is needlessly sowing fear, and is abandoning facts in service of an extreme immigration agenda.

Demonstrators in New York on Friday held a “vigil” for the “victims” of the massacre (“Never remember, always forget,” they chanted).

Someone made a website for “The Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund.”  A “donate” button redirects to the ACLU. 

The display at HBS, a neighborhood institution that has been operating in Cambridge since 1932, is the latest to make not-subtle critiques of the new administration.

Special promotions at the shop in recent days have included a shelf of children’s books for Muslim youth, along with signs reading “you are welcome” and “you belong.”

our children’s display today. you are welcome here. #fromthebooksellers

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The campaign to mourn imaginary victims is not yet over. Sean Spicer this week repeatedly cited terrorist attacks in Boston, San Bernardino and…. Atlanta. There was not an Islamist terrorist attack in Atlanta. He has since said he goofed, and meant to cite the mass shooting in Orlando.

Never remember. Always forget.