The Central Square Target Is Taking Shape

It's slated to open March 8.

Cantabrigians fond of low-price goods on the go will soon welcome the city’s first-ever Target store.

The highly anticipated, scaled-down version of the retailer plans to open in at 564 Mass. Ave. in Central Square on March 8. Early signs of its arrival—including, literally, a little Target sign—have appeared in the area.

According to the company’s website, the Central Square location will have groceries, some clothes, health goods, and some home supplies, as well as a pharmacy. It’s 21,000 square feet, and is on two levels.

There are already similarly small Targets on Commonwealth Ave. near the BU campus and on Boylston Street in the Fenway, and in Packard’s Corner in Brookline. Target used to call places like these “CityTarget” or sometimes “TargetExpress,” but dropped those names in 2015.

A “flexible format” Target is on its way to Stoneham as well, the Boston Business Journal reports.

According to the Harvard Crimsonstudents in the area are celebrating the upcoming arrival in terms reserved for only the most exciting of events.

“The excitement overwhelmed me,” student Tess Saperstein told the paper. “When I saw that it was coming in March of this year, I was like, ‘Wow, truly someone is smiling down on me.’”