MIT Applicants Are Hoping to Hear Good News Today…from Ironheart

Accepted students find out whether they got in to the prestigious school on Pi Day, with a little help from a Marvel hero.

On this very cold and snowy Pi Day, MIT hopefuls around the world are anxiously awaiting word about whether they’ve been accepted to the prestigious college.

And, as is tradition, the school is celebrating the occasion with some special flare. The acceptance letters, per a promotional video that aired earlier this month, are being delivered (in spirit) by “Ironheart,” the fictional MIT-trained successor to Marvel’s Iron Man

Ironheart, a character Marvel debuted last summer, is a young woman named Riri Williams. In the video, Williams–played by a real-life MIT student–builds a robot suit on campus. Later, she swoops into the offices of MIT Dean of Admissions Stu Schmill, and soars out with a metal tube supposedly carrying letters for accepted students.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” the video says, “but some carry tubes.”

The announcements are being made today because, as it’s March 14, nerds everywhere are proudly paying tribute to Pi (a sequence of numbers that begins with 3.14). Students will hear the news at 6:28 p.m.

Classes were cancelled due to today’s storm, but the college did celebrate the geeky high holiday by sharing a photo of a festive Pi symbol made out of snow.