Boston Fish Pier Could Soon Gain National Historic Designation

The South Boston maritime hub turned 100 in 2014.

Amidst all the dizzying new construction in the Seaport, one site could soon land a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Boston Fish Pier, located on the South Boston Waterfront, first opened in 1914. Since then, the sprawling, Massport-owned facility has remained both a monument to the city’s maritime legacy, as well as a thriving economic hub supporting 3,000 jobs and three restaurants.

In addition to the Fish Pier, the Massachusetts Historical Commission nominated four other sites to the National Register of Historic Places: Boston’s Columbia Road historic district, the Worcester State Hospital Farmhouse, and historic districts in the towns of Heath and Gill out in West Mass.—er, Western Mass.

Unsurprisingly, a city with as rich a history as Boston is already home to 295 properties and districts with this designation, including 58 National Historic Landmarks.