There’s a Pizza-Eating Squirrel in Jamaica Plain

Stop what you're doing.

Pizza photo via iStock/vm2002, Squirrel photo via iStock/Dgwildlife

Pizza photo via iStock/vm2002, Squirrel photo via iStock/Dgwildlife

You can argue over the merits of Boston pizza versus New York pizza, whose water is most conducive to a superlative slice, thin-crust or a heartier Regina, whether or not pineapple belongs anywhere near a perfectly good pie. But one thing is certain: rodents in both Amtrak metropolises love their pizza.

Liz Polcha, an English Ph.D candidate at Northeastern University, tweeted this photo of a squirrel wrangling some ‘roni up a tree in Jamaica Plain.

JP Pizza Squirrel is just one of several Pizza Squirrel, not unlike the Green Lantern Corps. After Pizza Rat gained international fame for dragging a slice of cheese pizza up a stoop in New York, a Manhattan Pizza Squirrel was spotted fending off pigeons in Washington Square Park. Then there’s Quincy Pizza Squirrel…

…Park Slope Pizza Squirrel…

…Chicago Pizza Squirrel…

…and Nova Scotia Pizza Squirrel.

Meanwhile, some trigger-happy social media manager at DiGiorno wasted no time getting in early on the surefire viral hit.

It was almost certainly delivery.