Rob Gronkowski Has Now Stolen Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey

Opening Day festivities at Fenway Park got pretty animated when the Patriots were honored by the Red Sox.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

Tom Brady finally got his missing Super Bowl jerseys back today.

It’s the end to a long, bizarre saga. For a quick refresher, back in February after the New England Patriots’ historic Super Bowl win, Brady was overheard telling team owner Robert Kraft that someone stole his game jersey. With help from the FBI, Brady’s jerseys were found in Mexico after being stolen by someone who was credentialed as a member of the international media. Robert Kraft officially presented the QB with them earlier today.

But all was not well, as during some Opening Day festivities over at Fenway Park, Brady was the victim of another theft. This time, the culprit was teammate Rob Gronkowski. The duo were at the field to be honored by the Red Sox, with Brady throwing out the first pitch. But once Gronk is there, things to get a little chaotic. Brady was proudly holding up his returned jersey in the middle of Fenway Park when Gronk stole the jersey right out of his hands and sprinted down the field with it. However, Brady wasn’t about to let his jersey out of his possession again. This time, Brady was slightly more successful with his tackling responsibilities, brought Gronk to the ground, and reclaimed his jersey.

Gronk has also been keeping busy in the off-season. The star tight end, no stranger to keeping the party going, recently jumped in the ring at WrestleMania and shoulder tackled Jinder Mahal after Mahal took a sip of his drink and threw it at Gronk.