Trump Applauds Maine Gov. Paul LePage’s Weight Loss

"I knew him when he was heavy."

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has slimmed down, and the White House is taking notice.

In a press conference announcing a new executive order directing interior secretary Ryan Zinke to review two decades’ worth of national monument designations, President Donald Trump gave the tempestuous Republican governor a nod, adding that he “has lost a lot of weight.”

“I knew him when he was heavy, and now I know when he’s thin, and I like him both ways, okay?” Trump said. “He’s done a great job.”

LePage, who was ranked the ninth-most unpopular governor in America earlier this month, underwent bariatric surgery last September after his doctor informed him he was at risk of developing diabetes. The 68-year-old has lost more than 50 pounds since then.