Star Wars Night Is Coming to Fenway Park

Pick up your own Jedi Mookie Betts bobblehead.

Red Sox Star Wars Night Jedi Mookie

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Grab your light sabers and saddle up your tauntauns: Star Wars is coming to Fenway Park.

In honor of the upcoming fortieth anniversary of A New Hope, the park is hosting a Star Wars night. Naturally, the festivities will take place on May the Fourth (the movie actually came out on May 25, but that’s so much less festive, isn’t it?). In honor of the big event, fans can recreate the magic of the Mos Eisley cantina by finding some of their favorite characters around the park. More than 40 of them will be hanging out at Gates A, B, C, and D in Fenway taking pictures with fans. There may even be a light saber battle or two, though we’d recommend leaving that to the experts. Who knows what could happen when the dark side and the light side of the force meet?

And to commemorate the experience, Mookie Betts, Red Sox right fielder, graces a new limited edition bobblehead being given out to fans. Jedi Mookie Betts is not the droid you’re looking for. Let’s hope his mastery of the force can help him beat the Baltimore Orioles, though it would help if pitchers on the Sox would stop throwing baseballs at them.

But Star Wars night isn’t the only special occasion to come to the field this year. May 14 is Wally’s Birthday at the park. Country Night is making a return on May 25. And in classic Fenway fashion, there’s also a Billy Joel Night.