The Lowell Spinners Are Hosting a “Happy Gilmore Night” with Shooter McGavin

This is... not golf.

This summer, Lowell’s LeLacheur Park will be visited by one of greatest to ever play the centuries-old game of golf—or at least, the guy who played him in a movie.

The Lowell Spinners will host a “Happy Gilmore Night” on July 18, the team announced Friday morning, dedicated to Adam Sandler’s 1996 masterpiece of the same name. And best of all, Christopher McDonald, the actor who portrayed the cocksure, polo-sporting villain “Shooter McGavin,” will be in attendance.

While further details on the promotion remain sparse—mini-golf on the concourse, anyone?—it appears that Happy Gilmore Night coincides with LaLacheur Park’s Taco Tuesdays, so plan accordingly. (Oddly enough, the event is sponsored by Sam Adams, not Pepsi.)

So don your Cam Neely jersey, steer clear of Bob Barker, and make sure to eat a well-rounded breakfast beforehand. The Spinners will take on the Aberdeen IronBirds at 6:35 p.m.