Watch This Dizzying 4K Timelapse of Boston, “City of Champions”

Faneuil Hall, the Public Garden, and duckdboats like you've never seen them before.

Somehow, gorgeously shot aerial footage of Boston never, ever gets old.

Take, for example, “City of Champions,” a dizzying, astronaut-filled timelapse of our fair city shot in beautiful 4K video. It’s the third installment in a series by four Emerson College students: Diego Rosende, Jack Bushell, Jordan Kines, and Nick Vigue. (You may remember their previous joint, “Breathe,” shot from a helicopter.)

“The team and I feel that we owe Boston this work for having brought us together in the first place,” Rosende, a senior, says.

“City of Champions” is the culmination of over a year of filming, and takes the viewer on a frenetic tour of the Hub, making stops at Faneuil Hall, the Common and Public Garden, Boston Harbor, and Fenway Park. The nighttime scenes of Storrow Drive and the First Night fireworks show are especially dazzling, and true to its name, the short film even includes footage of this year’s duck boat parade celebrating the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory.

You can check out the Emerson crew’s other films here.