Watch Mark Zuckerberg Get into Harvard

The moment he got his acceptance email was caught on video.

Long before he ever dropped out and changed the future of social media forever, Mark Zuckerberg was, like so many Harvard alums before him, a sort of awkward teenager awaiting some big news. And now, with his big commencement speech at his alma mater just a few days away, Zuck has shared a video of the moment he—sporting a PJ’s and crouched over a desktop computer under a bunk bed—found out he was going to the storied Cambridge institution.

In a clip that’s been viewed nearly 5 million times since he posted from his personal account Thursday, Zuckerberg opens the email announcing he’s been accepted to Harvard. His dad can be heard cheering in the background, but Zuck seems subdued.

“Yay,” he mumbles. “I got accepted.”

He would go on to, infamously, drop out of Harvard and found Facebook. He’ll give a commencement speech at the campus on Thursday, May 25. He will also be given an honorary degree, and his parents will be there to take it all in, he said while commenting on the video.

“They’ve been waiting for me to get a degree for a long time,” he says.