Quiz: How Well Do You Know JFK?

On the 100th anniversary of his birth, test your knowledge with these 20 questions.

1. b. Beals Street
2. d. 1940
3. a. His grandfather, John Francis Fitzgerald
4. b. Profiles in Courage
5. d. Peace Corps
6. c. Newport, RI
7. a. Hyannis Port
8. b. Choate
9. d. Football
10. b. A coconut
11. a. Both were succeeded by a Vice President named Johnson
12. b. Princeton
13. d. Boston’s Omni Parker House
14. d. Union Oyster House
15. a. Cambridge
16. d. I.M. Pei
17. c. UMass Boston
18. a. Robert Frost
19. c. The Washington Times-Herald
20. b. Teddy Roosevelt