Students Will Get a Big Discount on T Passes This Summer

Now take off your backpacks.

Photo by Jasonic on Flickr/Creative Commons

Boston’s middle and high school students will have an easier time getting around the city this summer.

MassDOT announced Thursday that for the first time, 50,000 qualifying students will be eligible for discounted MBTA passes. Rather than paying the sticker price of $84.50, students can snag a monthly pass for just $30 in July and August. (College students, on the other hand, still have to pay in full.)

Last year, T’s fiscal management and control board voted in favor of the year-round discount, which went into effect in September. Previously, discounted student passes were only available during the school year, between September 1 and June 30.

As the T noted in its release, students are some of the most active riders of the MBTA, notching a median of 42 trips per month, compared to 36 for all other monthly passes. Now, if they’d only take off their godforsaken backpacks already.