Seals at the New England Aquarium Are Eating Fish Doughnuts Today

They loved their snacks from "Sunkin' Donuts."

Sure, us humans are indulging in all the doughnuts we can today—it is National Doughnut Day, after all, so we don’t have a choice—but why should our slippery friends at the New England Aquarium be left out?

To celebrate the culinary holiday, the aquarium’s seals and sea lions were treated to a colorful snack stuffed with an appetizing portion of fish guts.

“How do seals and sea lions at the Aquarium celebrate National Doughnut Day?” the aquarium wrote on Instagram this morning. “With fish-filled gelatin and ice doughnuts, of course!”

From the looks of it, these guys love their weird ocean pastries. In a video the aquarium shared, the sea creatures can be seen gallivanting around their tank, flipping blue, yellow, and red circles of jelly in the air and chomping into them. In the aquarium world, this is what’s known as an “enrichment activity,” a break from the norms of their day-to-day with an unusual task that stimulates their seal and sea lion brains and improves their quality of life.

Oh, by the way, you know where those treats came from, according to the aquarium?

“Sunkin’ Donuts.”