Ed Markey Unveiled His Latest Groan-Inducing Acronyms in Worcester

When the going gets tough, the tough make wordplay.

Screenshot via Twitter

More than 3,200 Democrats, including both Massachusetts senators and three gubernatorial hopefuls, convened at the DCU Center in Worcester this weekend to hammer out the state party charter and look toward the future. Just days after President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris climate accord, Sen. Ed Markey took to the podium with a message of defiance.

In a well-received speech, the Malden Democrat called Trump “Barack Obama in reverse” while hitting on a variety of topics, from criminal justice reform to the importance of organizing. But it wouldn’t have been a true Ed Markey performance without a few acronyms and puns so gobsmackingly corny, ethanol futures might’ve dropped a few cents.



As previously noted, Markey is known for this sort of thing—from his expressed desire to make the NRA stand for “Not Relevant Anymore,” to the EPA’s transformation under Secretary Scott Pruitt into “Every Polluter’s Ally.”

Please, Ed. Enough already.