Passengers Forced to Sleep on Cots at Logan Airport After Plane Damaged

Massport said there was a "minor incident" on the tarmac.

Photo via iStock/SPO123

Dozens of Azores Airlines passengers were stranded at Logan International Airport and forced to sleep on cots Tuesday night, after their plane was damaged in an incident on the tarmac.

No one was injured, Massport said in a statement, but the aircraft was unable to continue on its scheduled flight after a “minor incident on the airfield involving an Azores aircraft and a piece of ground equipment.”

“We got on the plane and there was a jolt, a pretty good jolt,” passenger Rick Bills told Boston 25. “I never felt a jolt like we felt. We weren’t sure what happened, but apparently there was some sort of malfunction with the equipment underneath the plane, is what we’re hearing. Whether the plane collided with a piece of equipment or if the equipment attached on the plane and they were towing it out of the bay, something happened and they haven’t communicated to us what it was.”

In a statement, Azores Airlines said that “due to the late hour and lack of hotels for 200 people, Massport provided cots to rest until a suitable replacement aircraft could be arranged—that aircraft be set to depart this morning.”