City Council Candidate Does Cartwheel, Actually Quite Good

Happy Pride!

Corey Dinopoulos is running for Bill Linehan’s old South Boston seat on Boston City Council, facing establishment favorite Ed Flynn, son of former mayor Ray. A Massachusetts College of Art and Design graduate and community organizer, Dinopoulos cofounded the Boston 2024 Olympic bid before the titans of industry got hold of it. If elected, he would be the only LGBTQ member of the City Council.

He’s also a decent gymnast.

As this weekend’s Pride parade snaked into the South End, the 32-year-old wowed the crowd with a brisk cartwheel. Perhaps most impressive of all, he lost neither his shades nor his beads in the process.

Not to be outdone, Roxbury city councillor and mayoral candidate Tito Jackson matched Dinopoulos’ floor routine with a few dance moves and one of his signature mid-air splits in Copley Square.

“Don’t question my abilities, brother,” Jackson told Boston in March when asked about this talent. “I embrace my fun side, and politics shouldn’t be boring. It’s boring because people benefit from boring.”